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Celebrating the heritage of Wales

The annual Welsh Heritage Schools Initiative competition has been running for over 30 years and specifically celebrates the heritage of Wales, handed down from the past. There is an expectation, therefore, that projects will engage and make links with the past even where the starting point for the project is a contemporary issue, enquiry or theme. 

The judges will specifically look for the following in the project submitted by each school:

  •  The heritage focus of the project and the knowledge and understanding gained by learners;

  • The development of learners’ enquiry skills, thinking skills and wider skills;

  • The impact of the project on learners and the wider community

Please see the full Judging Criteria CLICK HERE.


Schools are invited to submit ONE ENTRY PER SCHOOL*. This may be a project completed by just a small group of pupils such as a club or one class. Alternatively, it may be a project that includes the work of several classes or the whole school, but in this case there needs to be a common thread that connects the project together and provides its title, such as a common theme or a common enquiry question.

*Schools may submit multiple EUSTORY entries from their year 12 and 13 students as well as the school’s own project.


The Curriculum for Wales provides rich opportunities for exploring the heritage of Wales and the concept of cynefin with learners in all settings in Wales. The project can arise naturally from this, or can reflect specific  work done by the school to commemorate a local event, person or building, for example. The scope for schools to select a topic on which to focus is extensive and could include aspects of heritage such as heritage in the environment, science, technology, industry, commerce, agriculture, sport, people and their social history and traditions, the lives and experience of children and young people, the role of women in history, the world of work and the diversity of communities. This is not an exhaustive list. 

The Judging Criteria (see link above) indicate clearly what the judges will look for in the projects submitted, and schools are strongly advised to consult these. The project requires research, analysis, evaluation and communication skills. It may be presented as an exhibition, performance, restoration and other forms of contribution to heritage, or as a record in print or electronic form. Schools are encouraged to disseminate their findings. Assessment of the project will take into account the appropriate literacy, numeracy and information technology skills of the pupils.

Prizes are awarded at the Annual Awards Ceremony (held in July at a different location in Wales each year) for the best projects in each category: foundation phase, primary, special and alternative provision, secondary and EUSTORY. In 2024, projects considered to be of the highest standard will be eligible for prizes between £500 and £1,000 and those schools will be invited to the ceremony. Some of the prizes are presented to the winners by the sponsors who donated them. The Welsh Heritage Schools Initiative Shields (donated by Museums Wales) are presented to the best overall entries. 

Details of 2024 Competition

WHSI would like to thank teachers, learners and schools for supporting the annual competitions and for showing interest in entering the competition in 2024. 


The judges are excited to be once again planning to visit schools to view projects and speak to learners and teachers in 2024. The project does not, therefore, need to be submitted digitally for 2024. However, it is worth schools bearing in mind that should circumstances change and schools become unable to receive visitors, then entries may need to be submitted in a digital format. The Teacher Questionnaire gives the judges valuable information so that they are fully informed about the school and the entry before they visit. Two GDPR-compliant photographs are required as they will be used in the powerpoint presentation at the Awards Ceremony and may be used in publicity material such as the website. These should not show faces or any other identifying information.

Schools will need to REGISTER to enter the competition, upload their completed TEACHER QUESTIONNAIRE and TWO GDPR compliant PHOTOGRAPHS, and make their PROJECT available for judging in the school. Please see the ‘Guidance’ section for the forms and further details about the entries. (click here to see guidance).


Here is a list of the KEY DATES for the competition in 2024:

  • Complete the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM to register by 26 January 2024.

  • Submit the Teacher Questionnaire and two GDPR compliant photographs  by 15 March 2024.

  • Entries to be available for judging in schools between 10 April – 26 April 2024.

  • Presentation of prizes/awards will be on Friday 5th July, 2024 at The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth.

Awards Winners 2023
Awards Winners 2021
Awards Winners 2022

We are most grateful to the sponsors who have supported us. Sponsorship, grants and prizes ranged from £100 to £1000.


WHSI has always supported older learners in conjunction with EUSTORY, a network of organisations (sponsored by the Körber Foundation) that conduct research-based history competitions for young people in Europe, of which WHSI is a member. This year there will be an opportunity for learners in years 12 or 13 to submit individual work for the WHSI EUSTORY prize. To enter, learners need to submit an enquiry project linked to Welsh heritage, which is their original work, based on research, analysis and evaluation.

A prize of £200 will be awarded to each of the top two individual entries (£100 to the student and £100 to their school), and these will be eligible to apply to EUSTORY to attend the annual EUSTORY History Campus with other young Europeans.

The Skills Challenge Certificate A number of the Skills Challenge Certificate Community Challenges are closely related to Welsh heritage. WHSI considers that work submitted by students for several of the challenges would be appropriate for entering the WHSI EUSTORY competition, with a short introduction.

Please register by 28th February 2024 and upload your entry by 24th April 2024.

For more information CLICK HERE.


Click here to view samples of previous winning entries

Award Winners 2023

Full Summary Report 2023

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